Social Dancing NO! NO!

Social Dancing NO! NO!

1. Bad breath. It’s a common courtsey the person in front of you said yes. You know when you start talking or breathing the dance is not going to last long. Invest on a dentist or cheapeast way is to buy industrial strenght gum.

2. Body odor. Have designated friend to smell you. Before you leave the house. Don’t cover it with cologne or perfume you will make it worst. Advice take a shower, deodorant.

Calgary BKS Experience

Calgary BKS Experience

Hi, guys and gals
I will be teaching in the 6th annual Calgary BKS Experience June 14-16 2019. Hope to see you all there. 
It’s going to be a blast. Let’s start the new year with a bang. Make sure to take advantage of the deals asap, it’s not far from chicago, so… see you there. If you have any questions and thought please comment below. I will provide as much info as i can. If i left out anything please post it. 

When: June 14, 15th and 16th 2019
Where: Clarion Hotel and Conference Center
2120 16th Avenue NE
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

For more informations Contact: Bernard
Phone: 403.689.0974
Email: Calgarybachata@gmail.com