Group dance Lessons  

Our dance classes are ideal for learning basic techniques and getting comfortable with the fundamentals of specific dance styles,  I offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels to accommodate your dancing ability. Group dance lessons are progressive, meaning you will continue on growing adding on more moves to what you have. Retaining and improving the dance moves you already learned.  I welcome drop in classes. No partner necessary.

Have your own idea for a group class? Want to bring some friends together for a healthy fun activity? Want to do it on your time? No problem!


Benefits of Group Dance Classes

  • Invaluable leading/following experience of dancing with different partners
  • Learn to dance in a comfortable social setting
  • Introduction to many different dances
  • Learn the basic patterns and rhythms
  • Meet new people and make friends


Wedding DAnce Lessons   

I know how special your first dance as a married couple is. I can make sure you are prepared for this unforgettable moment with wedding dance choreography designed just for you. As masters of choreography, we customize memorable and impressive dance routines to the music and dance style of your choice. Each plan is tailored to fit your needs based on your schedule, budget, and expectations for your first dance. I take all factors into consideration including size of the floor, type of music, dress, shoes, props, and everything else in between!

It is my mission to make sure that you are comfortable and confident with every step you take together on this truly special occasion. I will make your wedding dance lessons the most fun part of the entire wedding planning process!

We can also help with basic social dancing, choreograph a group routine for the bridal party, or a heart-warming mother-son or father-daughter dance with your parents!

Need advice on music, or making some custom edits? I got all the bases covered!

All you need to do is have the most memorable and fun day of your life… I will take care of the rest!

PRivate  dance Lessons 

We personalize each dance lesson based on your individual needs, desires, and goals, adjusting our teaching style to your ability, personality, and expectations. This ensures the most thorough and rapid learning process, all while keeping it fun, easy, and comfortable.

We accommodate each student’s schedule and create a custom tuition plan that makes each personal goal affordable.

It’s a great way for beginners to get started, seasoned dancers to take their skills to the next level, or couples to have an intimate moment with their own dance guide.

Benefits of Private Dance Lessons

  • Personalized attention
  • Custom lesson guide
  • Scheduled at your convenience
  • Fastest way to learn and progress

Nervous about dancing in public? No need to impress anyone, focus on having fun and I take care of the rest. My private lessons take the edge off and allow you to move at a pace that’s comfortable for you. I will make it easy, while keeping it fun and light. You’ll be dancing and laughing in no time!

Personal Trainer 

Want to be a better you.  Want to lose some weight, Gain muscle, start looking great.  Let’s do it 

World Class dance show and Competitive dancing 

For those who love to perform, or who have always secretly wanted to give it a try, Let me help you explore your artistic side by presenting several shows throughout the year where you get to be the star! It’s ok to be nervous. A lot of people are at first, but if it try performing once, you just might get hooked.

Whether you want to start small in one of our in-studio showcases or take your talents to the stage in our annual,  I will work with you to create the perfect routine for you and help you create memories that will last a lifetime.

Competitive ballroom dancing is the perfect combination of art and sport.  Training helps the body develop strength and control at an accelerated pace. Competitions is the fastest way to improve your dancing skills.

Benefits of Performing

  • Expand your creativity
  • Gain confidence
  • Improve flexibility and balance
  • Gain advanced knowledge of a particular dance
  • Improve partnering techniques
  • Have fun!

Proven Success | Changing one student at a time 

The Numbers Don’t Lie

The Dennis PaSamba Dance Company began over 25 years ago. I was dancing as long as I can remember. What started with break dancing and hip hop turned into a general love of dance and art. Dance was my calling and I intended to study and learn everything I could about it. The next 25 years of my life were dedicated to traveling and learning dance, in all its forms, from some of the greatest instructors, all over the world. Now I feel blessed to share my knowledge with anyone who has a love to learn and to dance!


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