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None of this would have been possible without Dennis. The crowd loved it. My wife and i can’t stop watching. This made our wedding so special. Our guests weren’t the only ones surprised, we still can’t believe how great it turned out.


For anyone wondering what it would be like to take this class, it’s like a breath of fresh air. Dennis is an amazinggggg instructor not only because he has taught us some great moves but he has taught us to really put our heart and mind into the movement. This class has, so easily, helped me step out of my comfort zone and feel more confident. Salsa with Dennis is rejuvinating, exciting, and THE place you want to be every week!!


There are two types of dance instructors who are worth their salt in Chicago: People attached to top shelf dance studios and solo entrepreneurs who teach in a multitude of contexts. Dennis is the latter, which makes him far more accessible than a lot of other dance instructors of his caliber. Dennis is also one of the few instructors in Chicago who can legitimately teach both zouk and kizomba. There are a zillion instructors for bachata, salsa, cha cha, etc. but hardly anybody does both kizomba and zouk well enough to advise others with authority. Lastly, Dennis’s pricing is great for beginners who aren’t sure exactly what they want to focus on exclusively and prefer to try a few different options before drilling down. Check him out some time.


My dancing has been a challenge before attending to Dennis’ class. He’s very genuine when he wants his student to excel their dancing lessons. He’s very knowledgeable and encourages them not to give up. It encourages me to return and learn how to dance properly. It’s been three months since I’ve been attending and it’s awesome!

Thanks Dennis


Dennis is the greatest dance instructor ever! I’ve been his student for about 6 weeks now, & have learned so much! I’m taking private lessons & am learning how to follow just about anyone in different genres, such as bachata, salsa, cumbia, cha cha & west coast swing…plus styling!! I’m with him for two hours a week & he kicks my butt, but it’s well worth it! Would not change him for the world! He’s also very motivating & has such positive energy…he has definitely helped boost up my level of confidence & self esteem in dancing!


LOVE Dennis and his dance school!  Dennis is super nice and will take the time and effort to teach you.  He’s very passionate about dancing and it shows!  Very supportive and encouraging.  He teaches you basics, combos, styling, footwork, Dennis does it all!  Very reasonably priced as well.  Thank you Dennis!


Dancer extraordinaire Dennis PaSamba has energy, style, knowledge, musicality, spunk and an overall passion for what he does.

Meeting Dennis: Out one night with girlfriends, I was drawn to him. I spotted him and knew I wanted to entangle our energetic flow out on the dance floor. By the end of the evening, I had learned that he is a dance instructor! Not only had I enjoyed a dance or few but I could additionally LEARN from him. And that I have. I have since then been fortunate enough to enjoy several lessons.

When we met, I made the honest mistake of saying that Dennis is a ‘salsero.’ He politely corrected me and said “Oh no, I am a dancer.” Anything you could possibly want to learn that is a musical kinesthetic expression of the body, Dennis has the knowhow up his sleeve.

Me, for example, I’ve been wetting my feet with not just salsa, but also West Coast swing, steppin’, and Dominican style bachata. It’s as though there were no longer a need to go out social dancing because dancing in a lesson with Dennis (whether it be in a private or group class) is just THAT much fun!

Seriously, I have been dabbling in salsa for several years and have never wanted to commit to improving myself until I met Dennis. If you want to learn any dance at all and enjoy yourself to the fullest while doing it, he is the wonderful instructor to guide there you step by step 😉


Wow – 1,2,3 – yes thanks to Dennis got rhythm first week and next few weeks we learned turns and twists and all those fancy steps – didn’t realize Salsa had so may options for expression and could be so much fun – all thanks to great teacher – enjoyed the beginners so much going back for level 2 – looking forward to learning even more – thanks Dennis


I have been anxious and interested to learn salsa and bachata. and always had a doubt in mind if I can do it. Bought a voucher from Groupon to try Dennis Pa samba. My first lesson was a blast. I never thought that I had that  fun. People were friendly and Dennis was awesome with his Dance moves, how he handled his students and how he relate his dance moves. With that first lesson I learned the basic and some tricky moves in Salsa n bachata with just spending 2 hours of my time. I will definitely go back and ready to learn more.


Dennis choreographed my husband and mine’s first dance for our wedding. He made it so individualized, it was like he had known us for so long! I loved how thoughtful he was as he’d start each lesson by saying, ‘I was thinking about this move..let’s try it this way tonight, I think it will look better.” He was extremely invested in us having the most show-stopping first dance and let me tell you, it paid off!!! Our friends were envious of the creativity and execution of our idea and it’s all thanks to Dennis’ patience, artistic abilities, and fantastic teaching. I highly recommend Dennis as a dance teacher and choreographer.

Samantha Salstone

Caring Genuine Dynamic personal trainer I have met so far. Looking forward to coming to the gym because he sets the bar high and believes in my effort to achieve my personal best.

Merlyn Joseph

Dennis was a pleasure to take classes with. He is professional, responsive and willing to help with the progress of being a beginner to being comfortable with the dance. Highly recommend his services and expertise.

Jaga So

Dennis knows what he’s doing. He’s clear and proves his effectiveness. Got more worked out in our short time than my 2 hours at the gym.

Jomy Evolution

Dennis have me a personal training session and it was great. He’s highly professional, motivation and helpful, and he makes sure once you finish your workout, you’re not able to lift even a 1 pounder. Personal workout was very intense and satisfying

Liad Bitton

I’ve been training with Dennis for almost 6 months in his salsa and bachata classes. I started with beginner and through his instruction, have advanced to intermediate. He focuses on form, musicality, and styling for both men and ladies. I appreciate his attention to detail and enthusiasm to teach. If you want to take your dance skills to the next level, Dennis comes highly recommended!

Crystal Luna

If Dennis can make my husband I look good dancing together, he deserves 100 stars! He’s an amazing teacher, he makes it fun, and I actually know what I’m doing when I go dancing!


Dennis is an awesome teacher and amazing facilitator. Whether you are a first-time dancer or have years of experience, a group class or a private lesson with Dennis will leave you with clear improvements. His passion for the dance and music definitely shows thru his teaching and through the energy he brings to the class. Can’t wait for our next class! It’s always so much fun!

Lesya Merena

I’m fortunate enough to have Dennis come all the way to South Bend and soon for an event in Goshen, 2.5 hours from Chicago. The lesson’s I’ve had with him have been advanced and they challenge me, but he also knows how to break things down in a way that is very understandable. I’ve gotten a little bit overwhelmed at times being in the advanced group, but still understanding everything. His positive attitude, general cheer, and love for what he does is the best pick-me-up to keep me going and keep me focused working hard

JD Nafziger

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